This project aims to create both hardware and software to control a Parkzone Sukhoi airplane using a Nokia N900 mobile computer. This project was created for the Nokia PUSH N900 USA contest.


PUSH N900 is a contest sponsored by Nokia to encourage Nokia N900 users to push their hardware to its limits. This site will document my design for an entry into this contest. My idea is to control a Parkzone Micro Sukhoi airplane using the accelerometers and touch screen from the N900. The N900 will communicate over bluetooth to a bluetooth serial converter. This serial converter will be wired to a 2.4GHz Spektrum RF transmitter module, which will communicate to the airplane's receiver via the 2.4GHz link.

Tilting the N900 forward or back will control the elevator, making the plane move up or down. Tilting the N900 side to side will control the ailerons, making the plane move side to side. There will be a slider on the touch screen to control the throttle. The rudder will not be used.

I have several block diagrams and other documents describing various parts of the project on my Sourceforge project page under files. Please click on the "Files" link on the right menu to go straight to the files, or click on the "Project Page" link to go to the Sourceforge project page. Many thanks to Sourceforge for hosting this project!

Links to Components

Bluetooth Serial Converter

LP5DSM RC Transmitter

About Me

My name is Joshua, and I am a computer programmer for the USGS in Lafayette, Louisiana. I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Option) from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. I worked on the cajunbot program (www.cajunbot.com) for all 3 Darpa Challenges, and for the last two I was the Electrical Team Lead. I know c/c++, but am currently programming in Java for my projects at work. I also know some Atmel AVR assembly, and have programmed in C for them as well. I run Gentoo Linux on my home computer, and have been wanting to get more involved with the Maemo development community for some time. I had a Nokia 770 when it came out, and I currently carry my N810 wherever I go. I would like to program for the N900, but I can't afford one right now. If I get one from the PUSH N900 project I will definitely be getting into some development on that platform.